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Planned Maintenance Percentage (PMP)

Measures the percentage of maintenance time that is planned or scheduled.

Planned Maintenance Percentage Calculator

[(planned maintenance hours / total maintenance hours) * 100]


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Interpreting mttr

Interpreting Planned Maintenance Percentage (PMP)

PMP is expressed as a percentage and measures the proportion of maintenance activities that are proactive and planned. A higher PMP indicates a more proactive approach to maintenance. It suggests that the organization emphasizes preventive and predictive maintenance, which leads to reduced equipment downtime and better reliability.

factors affecting mttr

Factors Affecting Planned Maintenance Percentage (PMP)

Several factors influence a company's Planned Maintenance Percentage (PMP):

  • Asset Criticality: The criticality of assets and equipment plays a significant role in determining PMP. Critical assets should receive more attention in terms of preventive and predictive maintenance.
  • Maintenance Strategy: The maintenance strategy adopted by an organization, whether it's primarily preventive, predictive, or a combination of both, will affect PMP.
  • Resource Availability: The availability of maintenance personnel, tools, spare parts, and technology impacts the ability to carry out planned maintenance. A CMMS helps significantly compared to paper and pen or spreadsheets.
  • Equipment Age and Condition: Older equipment usually requires more frequent planned maintenance to ensure continued reliability.
  • Technician Skills: The skill level and training of maintenance technicians can influence their ability to perform planned maintenance effectively.
  • Equipment Complexity: Complex machinery usually requires more scheduled maintenance activities to prevent breakdowns and ensure safe operation.
mttr goals

Planned Maintenance Percentage (PMP) Goals

PMP goal ranges vary based on the specific operations within each industry, organizational goals, equipment criticality, and maintenance strategies used. Organizations should set PMP goals so they align with their unique circumstances and objectives while considering industry standards and best practices.


How to make the most of the Planned Maintenance Percentage (PMP) Calculator:

  • PMP should only account for planned or scheduled maintenance activities, excluding unscheduled or reactive maintenance.
  • Ensure clear definitions of what constitutes "planned" maintenance in your calculations to avoid discrepancies.