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We are super excited to introduce Click Maint, a new CMMS product! We’re on a mission to revolutionize maintenance management by providing a comprehensive, intuitive and highly customizable Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that empowers organizations to maximize asset performance, minimize downtime, and increase efficiency. Through innovative technology and a customer-centric approach, we aim to simplify maintenance processes, reduce costs, and improve overall operational effectiveness for businesses no matter which industry they come from.

Our goal is to be the leading provider of CMMS solutions, delivering unparalleled value and measurable results to our customers worldwide. Our leadership team has over 40 years of experience building business software applications with a focus on maintenance and facilities management. Through this time, we’ve worked closely with thousands of maintenance and facilities professionals. We are bringing a new maintenance management software to the market that is easy, ensures user adoption, utilizes cutting edge technology and delivers speed to value. 

Our mission is to empower maintenance and facilities professionals with cutting-edge maintenance management solutions that streamline operations, maximize asset performance, and drive success.

A Brief Overview of CMMS Benefits and Market

CMMS software provides businesses with many amazing benefits; reducing equipment downtime, automating preventive maintenance tasks, ability to easily track incoming maintenance requests and work orders, streamlining workflows, reducing time to locate needed parts and replenishing inventory, and reducing overall maintenance costs. With these benefits and provided that organizations utilize the software properly (solid implementation and training) we see organizations realizing great results.

According to Brightly, organizations using a CMMS can experience up to

  • 40% improvement in equipment reliability,
  • 28% increase in maintenance productivity,
  • 20% reduction in equipment downtime,
  • 19% savings in costs for materials and
  • 18% reduction in maintenance, repairs, operations (MRO) and inventory.

Moreover, their research found that having a preventive maintenance plan in place can extend the life of a business’s assets by as much as 35%. With these great benefits, it’s no wonder the CMMS market which in 2023 is at 1.64B USD is expected to be at 4.22B USD by 2033.

With these amazing benefits companies realize from implementing a CMMS, they often face significant challenges when going down the path of implementing a CMMS. Businesses using CMMS software often report challenges related to high costs, low user adoption, maintenance culture, data migration, and integrating with other applications. Let’s take a closer look at each of these challenges.



Initial Costs Associated with CMMS

For many businesses, the cost of purchasing and implementing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can be prohibitive. This may seem like a shocker at first glance especially as with the shift from on premise installations to subscription cloud based software. On premise deployments often involve high upfront costs and smaller annual maintenance fees. Cloud based CMMS is a paid subscription and terms can be really flexible; monthly, quarterly, annually - which eases the financial burden on buyers.

Implementing a CMMS software can be expensive. Furthermore the CMMS market is very competitive, and with a competitive environment, software providers are careful not to price their products too high. At face value, the subscription fees are priced reasonably with cost per user ranging from $20 USD / month per user to $175 USD /month per user depending on the functionality required. Price per user makes sense as the higher the user volume, the larger the maintenance operation and number of assets that need to be maintained and tracked. Costs become a barrier for some businesses when considering implementing a CMMS. Maintenance software systems historically have not been easy to implement and many organizations struggle with this. Implementing a CMMS involves collecting all asset information, parts lists, vendors and suppliers, PM schedules, Inspections, important documents and files. The larger the operation the more involved the process. Adding to costs, businesses often need to invest in hardware, training, and maintenance. Small businesses may find it challenging to justify the cost of a CMMS software.

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Low User Adoption

The success of a CMMS software implementation depends on how well it is adopted by the users. Some employees may be resistant to change or may lack the necessary skills to use the software effectively. Technology has been changing so quickly over the past 20-30 years and some employees resist embracing new technologies due to lack of experience and general fear of change. Training and support may be required to help employees get comfortable with the new system.

Ensuring that the CMMS is user friendly, intuitive and has a wealth of training and support resources is essential these days in promoting user adoption. Management’s buy-in is also important. If Managers expect their technicians and other team members to adopt the CMMS, they must demonstrate the value and follow up on usage, and be consistent about encouraging use by the team.

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Changing Maintenance Culture

Implementing a CMMS software requires a shift in maintenance culture. It requires a move from a reactive maintenance approach to a proactive approach, which may require significant changes in the organization’s processes and mindset. Promoting a culture that encourages the use of a CMMS starts with management communicating the value it brings to the company as well as the individuals that use it daily.

Understanding how the new technology helps employees do their jobs and benefits the organization is critical to a successful implementation. As mentioned above, maintenance management software can have some amazing results for a company. Users need to understand this and managers need to publicly celebrate the wins and positive results they see from using the software.

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Challenges with Data Migration and Implementation

CMMS software requires accurate and up-to-date data to be effective. This means that businesses may need to invest time and resources in collecting and entering data into the system. The larger and more complex the operation, the longer the data collection process can take. For some businesses, they are already using a CMMS and want to migrate their existing data and records into the new platform.

This can require a lot of data scrubbing and mapping so that the existing data matches the fields in the new platform. Most CMMS providers have a professional services team that can assist with the migration and support customers moving into their platform. Either way this process requires time and effort and organizations should assign an individual or small team that owns this process and make sure that they have the time and resources to complete this properly. Implementation timeframes range depending on the amount of data that needs to be migrated, the state of existing data, and the number of locations and volume of assets. For smaller operations, implementations including training can be done within 30 days while larger more complex operations can take as long as 6 months or more. CMMS providers have tools like import wizards with built in field mapping, on-site options that are turn-key and implementation and training personnel to help with this process.

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Challenges with Integration into Other Business Applications

Often CMMS software needs to be integrated with other systems, such as an ERP, CRM, HRIS or accounting software, to be fully effective. Integrations can be complicated, and businesses may need to work with multiple vendors to achieve the desired level of integration. Most CMMS providers have developed a REST API that provides clients with an interface to connect the CMMS with other applications.

Further, there are plenty of tools like Zapier and that serve as middleware making it easier to build out the connection between the applications. Finally, CMMS providers have taken steps to build out connectors to frequently requested applications so that integrations are much easier.

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Click Maint’s objective is to offer organizations a CMMS that’s simple and easy to implement so that users get value fast. Our goal is to eliminate a lot of the friction that companies face when implementing maintenance management software. Data shows that CMMS implementations are getting a bad rap. Here are some scary stats;


of companies using a CMMS, use all functionality - that means 94% are not using what they paid for.


of companies using a CMMS, use it consistently - this is a maintenance manager’s nightmare when trying to streamline processes and improve efficiencies.


of maintenance managers struggle with implementations - we can solve this.

Our “raison d’être” (reason to exist 🙂) is to change these stats for the better. Speed to value and delivering the best user experience are written into our DNA. Here is a breakdown of how Click Maint differs from CMMS alternatives.


Focus on User Experience

At Click Maint, we are set on having all of our users having the best experience possible. We accomplish this by designing software that is not only easy to use, but enjoyable. We have the best people working on our user interface and back end so that tasks can be accomplished with just a few clicks (3 clicks is the bar!). We are also working towards developing cutting-edge software with features that deviate from the CMMS norm. This takes time, but they’re coming. It’s no surprise that “tech savviness” of users varies. This is a non-issue for Click Maint users.


Simplify Implementation and User Onboarding

One of the biggest pain points and shockers for businesses purchasing a CMMS is the implementation and onboarding process. Buyers often wonder, “Where did I go wrong?” They spent 3 months doing demos with CMMS providers, verified requirements, in some cases called references, and even did a trial. The reality is, depending on the amount of data that needs to be migrated and complexity of the maintenance operation, implementations can be tough. At Click Maint, our customer success team has years of experience implementing and onboarding companies.


Competitive Pricing

Software Advice currently has over 800 products listed under its CMMS Software category. With so many options, CMMS costs vary across providers. Still, upfront costs are challenging, if not prohibitive for some businesses. Click Maint is committed to offering our customers competitive pricing, to the point where determining ROI won’t require days to calculate. Instead, ROI will be realized as soon as the software is used. Subscription fees are aligned with business requirements with flexible payment terms. In addition, there are no “gotchas” with implementation and training fees.


Speed to Value

At Click Maint, we strive to deliver value from every interaction. This starts from the first engagement with our sales team, who are there to educate potential customers so they can make the best decision for their business. Our expectation is that users will get value throughout the entire customer journey and fast. Implementations will be done properly, but efficiently so that customers are not spending months compiling and configuring spreadsheets and waiting months to process their first work order. Having users improving managing work orders and streamlining maintenance processes quickly is our priority.

Randall Burrell

President & CEO

We are super excited to be part of the maintenance management technology community. We look forward to working with organizations, big and small, across all industries helping them streamline maintenance processes, lower costs, and improve operations. Click Maint is here to make maintenance management as easy as 1-2-3.

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