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CMMS in Canada

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Canada is sometimes referred to as “US's little brother."  This colloquial phrase is sometimes used to characterize the two countries' relationship based on their proximity, cultural similarities, and extensive economic ties. On the global scene, the US is more prominent than Canada in many ways, mainly because its population is 8.6X larger, Canada shouldn’t be considered second best. Canadian ingenuity goes beyond hockey and maple syrup. Canada is the country of origin of cultural-changing innovations, including Insulin, the Canadarm, IMAX, the pacemaker, the Caesar cocktail, the snowblower, Wonderbra, BlackBerry, and instant replays in sports broadcasting.

Canadian CMMS Software

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) development in Canada has evolved to meet the changing needs of industries and organizations following a trajectory similar to that of its US neighbor. As is true for the global CMMS marketplace, the development of CMMS in Canada is part of a broader global trend, and the specifics may vary across industries and regions within the country. 

Similarities with US CMMS Counterparts

Market Dynamics:

Canada and the United States have mature and competitive markets for CMMS software. Organizations in both countries recognize the need for cutting-edge solutions to deal with economic, environmental, and regulatory challenges. The demand for maintenance management software exists in a wide range of industries, small and large, including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, energy, and more. There is a lot of research on projected growth for CMMS globally and in the US, but not as much for Canada. However, a good indicator of demand is the search volume for CMMS on Google. Looking at the monthly search volume for the keyword “CMMS,” we can see that from the years 2020-2023, search volume increased 24% in Canada, where the US saw a 41% increase, and monthly searches for CMMS increased 21% globally. Canada’s search volume for 2023 (to date) is approx. 1/7 of the US given that the US’s population is 8.6 times larger, this makes sense and shows that demand for CMMS in Canada is high. 

Average Monthly Keyword Search Volume for “CMMS” Globally, in US and Canada; 2020-2023



“CMMS” Avg. Monthly Keyword Search (Globally)

“CMMS” Avg. Monthly Keyword Search (US)

“CMMS” Avg. Monthly Keyword Search (Canada)

















% increase




Regulatory Environment:

The regulatory environment for maintenance and asset management in the US and Canada is similar, mainly due to the influence of international standards and best practices. Companies in both countries are subject to compliance with industry-specific regulations and standards. CMMS helps companies stay compliant and avoid costly fines and potential legal action.

Technological Advancements:

Canadian and U.S. CMMS companies often leverage similar technologies and trends, such as cloud computing, mobile applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies are employed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of maintenance management systems. The Canadian government has taken steps to promote innovation and technology development. SR&ED and the Strategic Innovation Fund are examples of initiatives taken by the Canadian government to promote its tech sector. The Canadian government reports that the technology sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada. In 2022, the technology sector employed over 1.8 million people.

Differences between US and Canadian CMMS Software:

Overall, US and Canadian-based CMMS have kept pace with market demand and offer a broad range of solution options to address organizations’ needs. Nevertheless, there are some differences:

Industry Focus:

The specific industries CMMS companies target may vary based on regional economic structures and dominant sectors. For example, a CMMS company in Canada might focus on industries such as natural resources, forestry, or mining, which are significant contributors to the Canadian economy. Regional differences can lead to more tailored solutions, such as features and modules geared toward the specific needs of businesses in those industries. 

Localization of Regulatory Requirements:

CMMS solutions might need to be customized to meet specific regulatory requirements and business practices in each country. Companies may tailor their offerings to address regional needs, languages, and compliance standards. For example, in Quebec, all software used by public organizations must offer software that is fully supported in French. That means that the applications must present data in French, and software customer support must be fully bilingual. In addition, all public organizations require that data centers hosting CMMS data must be within Canadian borders. CMMS providers that offer cloud or web-based deployments wanting to service Canadian public organizations must provide hosting services within Canada. In addition, there are some differences in compliance in the healthcare industry. Where the US has HIPAA requirements, Canadians have PIPEDA.

Customer Base:

The composition of the customer base can differ between the two countries. CMMS companies may tailor their marketing and sales strategies to align with the characteristics and preferences of businesses in Canada or the U.S.

Integration with Local Systems:

A recent innovation in CMMS is the software’s ability to integrate with other enterprise systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software or local databases. Differences emerge when the integration requirements vary based on each country's existing technology infrastructure and software preferences. Business applications like ERPs and accounting software are used in both countries, but market share may differ and Canadian businesses may have different preferences than the US.

Benefits for Canadian Companies Going with Canadian-Based CMMS

Considering that specific advantages may vary depending on the company and its unique needs, choosing a Canadian CMMS vendor can offer several potential benefits. 

Local Compliance and Regulations:

 As previously noted, a CMMS designed in Canada is more likely to be built with an understanding of these regulations, helping companies maintain compliance more effectively.

This consideration may be crucial for businesses operating in Canada, as adherence to specific local laws is essential. Canadian-based CMMS providers are more likely to offer hosting in Canadian data centers and offer support in French.

Currency, Payment Convenience, and Tax Considerations:

Payments in Canadian dollars guard against potential changes in currency conversion. Since most CMMS vendor services are offered on a monthly fee per-user basis, knowing that the fee will remain constant independent of possible changes. A system that understands local payment processes and methods can simplify financial transactions and reduce potential complications related to currency exchange. There are also tax and financial planning considerations as the software is developed with local financial practices in mind.

Cultural Understanding:

A CMMS provider in Canada may better understand the unique Canadian business culture, practices, and challenges. A CMMS with a cultural appreciation can facilitate smoother interactions and better align the CMMS system with your business processes and needs.

Network and Integration Opportunities:

A Canadian CMMS company may connect with other local businesses, service providers, or technology partners. Having such connections can streamline data sharing, improve efficiency, reduce potential issues with cross-platform communication, and provide additional opportunities for integrations and collaborations relevant to the Canadian market. 

Data Sovereignty and Security:

Depending on your industry, there may be regulations regarding data sovereignty and storage. Working with a Canadian CMMS provider can help ensure your data is stored and managed in compliance with Canadian data protection regulations.

Local Support and Expertise:

Having access to local support and expertise can be invaluable for Canadian companies. Implementing a CMMS from Canada ensures that support teams are familiar with local regulations, industry standards, infrastructure, and specific business needs. 

Local Case Studies and References:

Case studies and references are valuable resources for companies considering a CMMS to evaluate the software’s effectiveness and support reliability. Canadian companies can benefit from case studies relevant to their industry and operational environment, providing a more accurate assessment of the potential benefits.

Network of Local Users:

Using a CMMS with a user base in Canada means you’ll have a local network of users who may share insights, best practices, and solutions. This community support can be valuable for troubleshooting, sharing knowledge, and assisting decision-making.

Faster Response Time:

With a local provider, companies may experience faster response times for support and updates, leading to quicker issue resolution and improved system performance. With the proliferation of SaaS solutions, customer support has improved across the board, regardless of location. In addition, vendor/customer timezone plays a bigger role in response time.

Canadian-Based CMMS Software Vendors

Click Maint


Click Maint is a newly founded CMMS software company located in Manitoba. The founders have over 40 years of combined experience in the CMMS marketplace. Their in-depth knowledge of the industry and commitment have led them to develop an intuitive cloud-based CMMS that overcomes the challenges and chokepoints of other systems. Click Maint is on a mission to make CMMS easy on all fronts. The software is easy to use for technicians and all users, easy to implement and set up, and we are easy to do business with. What’s more, Click Maint is extremely affordable.



Fiix Inc. is a Toronto-based company that offers a cloud-based CMMS solution. Fiix CMMS was founded in 2008 and is located in Toronto, Canada. They initially were Maintenance Assistant and rebranded as Fiix in 2016. In 2017, Rockwell Automation acquired Fiix. Fiix currently has approximately 4,000 customers. Fiix has been focusing on predictive maintenance and leveraging IoT and AI in its software. It is a proven solution for mid to large enterprises with complex maintenance operations managing critical assets.


Megamation has been providing CMMS software since 1984. Their software caters to organizations in manufacturing, education, healthcare, and food processing. They have 2 Canadian offices and one in the US.


Maintenance Connection Canada 

Maintenance Connection Canada has three offices in Canada, with its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta. Maintenance Connection has been around since 1982! Maintenance Connections is part of Accruent. One should look into the relationship with Maintenance Connection Canada for more details. Maintenance Connection is a robust maintenance solution that is best suited for larger enterprises in manufacturing, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, education, and government/utilities. 



MaintananceCare has an office in Ontario. It has been providing CMMS software since 2003. It started out as a Canadian company but has grown over the past 20 years and now has an office in Florida, USA, and most of its leadership is based out of the United States. MaintenanceCare is lower cost compared to many other CMMS products and offers features like room booking and is tapping into IoT and A.I.



Azzier is a CMMS that operates under the company name Tero Consulting. According to its LinkedIn profile, it has been in business since 1979. Its head office is located in Port Coquitlam, BC. It is positioned as a full-feature CMMS and EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) software.



CMMS’s global presence is notable. While differences can be found among them, the trend for most is continually evolving in response to changing economic demands. CMMS’s aim is to provide organizations across industries with the tools to streamline operations by increasing efficiency and asset lifespans. Over time, companies will see a higher bottom line that translates into increased profitability and improved customer satisfaction.

Canada offers comparable CMMS solutions to its customers similar to those of its “bigger US brother.” Although its marketplace is smaller than its US counterpart based on population disparities, Canadian CMMS vendors offer some benefits to Canadian companies that US CMMS vendors may not.  Chief among them are the ability to pay in Canadian dollars, features that consider Canadian regulatory requirements, and recognition of industries with regional significance within Canada. 

The key takeaways are:

  • When choosing a CMMS, do your due diligence by understanding your company’s needs, researching vendors from both sides of the border, reviewing the company’s case studies, and asking for references.
  • Don’t immediately eliminate US-based CMMS vendors just because your company is in Canada.
  • Compare the benefits of choosing a Canadian-based CMMS vendor against what US-based vendors have to offer.
  • For Canadian organizations in the public sector, be sure to ask where CMMS data is hosted. Not all offer data hosting within Canadian-based data centers.

Need a CMMS that is hosted within Canada?

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