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Maintenance Management Software

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maintenance management


maintenance management software asset life

Asset Life

EXTEND equipment lifespan, and improve availability.

maintenance management software downtime


REDUCE downtime, cut waste, and let production flow.

maintenance management software compliance


ADHERE to local regulations, and create a safe workplace.

maintenance management software costs


LOWER expenses with parts management and inventory control.

maintenance management software productivity


IMPROVE people management, be organized, and get more done.

maintenance management software performance


DRIVE gains with critical insights from tracking maintenance KPIs.


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Functionality designed to optimize maintenance operations.

maintenance management software preventive maintenance uptime disruptions

Preventive Maintenance
- Maximize Uptime, Minimize Disruptions

  • Schedule maintenance tasks, proactively.
  • Choose the type of preventive maintenance most suitable for your assets.
  • Send timely alerts to technicians and managers.
maintenance management software work order management

Work Order Management
- Maximize Response Time, Minimize Complexity

  • Assign tasks and track progress in real-time.
  • Streamline work order scheduling in a single platform.
  • Allocate resources efficiently and reduce downtime.
maintenance management software inventory management

Inventory Management
- Maximize Stock Optimization, Minimize Inventory Costs

  • Automate inventory tracking and restocking
  • Improve inventory utilization and prevent stockouts and overstocking
  • Set up automated reorder workflows and alerts for all stakeholders
maintenance management software maintenance reporting

Maintenance Reporting
- Maximize Operational Efficiency, Minimize Data Overload

  • Monitor equipment health of all your systems.
  • Get accurate, real-time reports on asset performance and maintenance activities.
  • Reduce downtime with data-driven decision-making.
maintenance management software automation

Workflow Automation

Automatically assign tasks, send notifications, and trigger actions based on predefined rules, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency. Streamline maintenance activities and ensure timely completion.

maintenance management software calendar

Calendar View

Plan and schedule maintenance, inspections, and work orders with ease. Identify resource availability, overlapping schedules, and plan maintenance activities efficiently. Gain a holistic view of your schedule and avoid conflicts.

maintenance management software asset profile

Complete Asset Registry

Maintain a centralized view of all your equipment and facilities. Capture detailed asset information, including specifications, maintenance history, warranties, and documentation. Easily search and track assets, ensuring effective maintenance planning and optimizing asset lifecycle.

maintenance management software tracking

Inventory & Work Order Tracking

Automate tracking of your maintenance activities, work orders, asset history, and maintenance schedules in one central location. Use it to quickly identify trends, anticipate potential issues, and analyze historical data to optimize resource allocation and improve overall maintenance efficiency.

maintenance management software mobile

Mobile App

Empower technicians to view and update work orders, perform inspections, access equipment information, and communicate with the team from their mobile devices. Enhance productivity and responsiveness with real-time access to critical maintenance data in the field.

maintenance management software checklist

Task Checklists

Create standardized checklists for routine maintenance tasks, inspections, or repairs. Technicians can follow step-by-step instructions, ensuring consistency and accuracy in their work. Track completion status and easily identify pending or overdue tasks.


Leading buyer profiles across industries and champion personas (both buyers and users) know how to deliver with maintenance software.

maintenance management software manufacturing


Maintenance software helps manufacturers optimize equipment uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

maintenance management software healthcare


Healthcare facilities maintain critical medical equipment, ensuring patient safety and regulatory compliance while also reducing downtime and repair costs.

maintenance management software transportation


Facilities managers maintain critical building systems, reducing downtime, and minimizing repair costs, while also ensuring compliance with safety regulations and extending the lifespan of assets.

maintenance management software energy utilities

Energy & Utilities

Energy companies manage their complex infrastructure and equipment, ensuring high levels of uptime, safety, and regulatory compliance.

maintenance management software higher education

Higher Education

Colleges and universities maintain their campus buildings and equipment, ensuring student safety, reducing downtime, and minimizing repair costs.

maintenance management software hotels resorts

Hotels & Resorts

Maintenance software helps hotels and resorts maintain their properties, ensuring guest satisfaction and minimizing disruptions to operations.

maintenance management software arenas stadiums

Arenas & Stadiums

Maintenance software helps stadiums and arenas maintain their facilities and equipment, ensuring a positive guest experience, reducing downtime, and minimizing repair costs.

maintenance. management software retail restaurants

Retail & Restaurants

Maintenance software helps retailers and restaurant owners maintain their buildings and equipment, ensuring customer satisfaction, reducing downtime, and minimizing repair costs.

maintenance management software religious institutions non profit

Religious Institutions & Non-Profits

Religious institutions and non- profit organizations maintain their facilities and equipment, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment, and minimizing repair costs.


maintenance management software maintenance supervisors

Maintenance Supervisors

Maintenance supervisors streamline the maintenance process, schedule preventive maintenance activities, track maintenance history, and assign work orders. It also provides real-time insights into the maintenance performance and helps in resource allocation and planning.

maintenance management software maintenance technicians

Maintenance Technicians

Maintenance software helps technicians to view and manage work orders, update maintenance records, and track inventory and spare parts. It also provides access to equipment manuals, schematics, and other technical documents.

maintenance management software asset managers

Asset Managers

Maintenance software helps asset managers to monitor the condition of assets, track the maintenance history, and plan for capital expenditures. It also provides insights into asset utilization, downtime, and performance, which helps in making informed decisions about asset replacement and maintenance.

maintenance management software procurement managers

Procurement Managers

Maintenance software helps procurement managers to track inventory and spare parts, manage vendors and contracts, and plan for procurement activities. It also provides real-time insights into inventory levels, which helps in making informed decisions about inventory management and procurement.


maintenance management requirements


Everything you need to know

maintenance management software

What is Maintenance Software?

It is a type of computer program that helps organizations manage their maintenance operations more efficiently. The software can be used to track assets, schedule and assign maintenance tasks, monitor equipment and inventory, and generate reports.

It typically includes a range of features such as work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, asset tracking, inventory management, and reporting. Some software may also offer advanced features such as predictive maintenance and mobile access.

The benefits of using maintenance software include improved equipment uptime, increased efficiency and productivity, better asset utilization, reduced maintenance costs, and improved compliance with regulations and safety standards. It is commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and facilities management.

Various Types of Maintenance Software

There are several types of maintenance software available in the market, each designed to meet the specific needs of different industries and organizations. Some of the common types of maintenance management software are:

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

This is a software that is designed to manage and schedule maintenance tasks for equipment, facilities, and assets. CMMS software typically includes features such as work order management, asset tracking, inventory management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and reporting.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

This is a more comprehensive software that not only manages maintenance tasks but also helps organizations optimize their asset lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. EAM software typically includes features such as asset tracking, work order management, inventory management, preventive maintenance scheduling, procurement, and reporting.

Facility Management Software (FMS)

This software is designed to manage and maintain facilities, such as buildings and grounds. FMS software typically includes features such as space management, lease management, maintenance management, asset tracking, and reporting.

Field Service Management (FSM)

This software is designed for organizations that provide maintenance and repair services on- site, such as HVAC and plumbing services. FSM software typically includes features such as scheduling, dispatching, work order management, mobile access, and reporting.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

This software uses data analytics and machine learning to predict when equipment is likely to fail, allowing organizations to perform maintenance before a breakdown occurs. PdM software typically includes features such as data analysis, predictive modeling, and reporting.

Challenges with Maintenance Software

While maintenance management software can bring many benefits to organizations, there are also several challenges that need to be considered. Some of the common challenges include:

Data accuracy and integrity

Maintenance software relies heavily on accurate and up-to-date data to function properly. If the data entered into the system is inaccurate or incomplete, it can lead to incorrect decisions being made or maintenance tasks being missed.

User adoption and training

Maintenance management software can be complex and require a significant investment of time and resources to implement. Ensuring that users are properly trained and adopt the software can be a challenge, and lack of adoption can undermine the effectiveness of the system.

Integration with existing systems

Many organizations already have multiple systems in place, such as ERP or asset management systems. Integrating the maintenance management software with these systems can be a challenge and require significant IT resources.

Customization and configuration

Every organization has unique maintenance management needs and workflows. Customizing and configuring the software to meet these needs can be time-consuming and require technical expertise.


In a big-ticket enterprise implementation context, maintenance software can be expensive to purchase, implement, and maintain. Organizations need to carefully evaluate the costs and benefits of implementing the software before making a decision. Cloud based software like Click Maint maintenance management software have solved this challenge to a large extent.

Security and privacy

Maintenance software often contains sensitive data about equipment, assets, and personnel. Ensuring that the software is secure and complies with privacy regulations can be a challenge, particularly for cloud-based solutions.

maintenance management software
maintenance management software
maintenance management software


Features Include

  • Maintenance request management
  • Work order management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Labor and vendor management
  • Reports & analytics, KPI dashboards
  • Equipment downtime tracking
  • Inventory & parts management

Affordable pricing that scales with business requirements

Easy to use Mobile App included